What is Personal Color Analysis?

Personal Color Analysis determines the harmonious link between a client’s natural skin tone and her surroundings. Harmonious color is flattering; opposing color appears dull or perhaps overpowering. The balance of hemoglobin, carotene, and melanin in each person’s skin is as distinctive as a fingerprint. A person’s color fingerprint is unique and is the key to seeing her true skin tone.

A Sci/Art trained color analyst uses a comprehensive collection of colored draping material under full-spectrum lighting to compare the effects of cool, warm, and neutral colors on the client. The hour and a half long process takes place in neutral gray surroundings to insure accuracy. Without respect to eye or hair color, the client’s seasonal tone and her corresponding best colors are determined. Everyone leaves this process happy, with a swatch book of her sixty-five most invigorating colors and a packet of information specific to her individual coloring. What's not to like about discovering your color key?

Should you have your colors done?

Of course you should. The better to broadcast your vitality to those around you! Facial shadows, extra pounds, not-so-pearly teeth — all are given a lift when you wear your best colors. Closets become roomier as clothing is tossed out when it doesn’t match your sixty-five tones. As your closet becomes roomier, you have better mix and match options since your remaining coordinates are in colors which make your skin and eyes look luminous; that always feels good.