If you are still not sure if Color Analysis is right for you, read these comments from clients.

"Before I had my color analysis, I wore a lot of black and white because these colors go with everything, or so I thought. I also was in the habit of buying Earth tones or muted colors. I did not know a thing about warm or cool colors. I was diagnosed a True Spring and these colors are all warm, bright, and clear. No whites, blacks, or Earth tones! Now I need periwinkles, coral reds, and greens. I only had a few of these colors in my wardrobe, so I bought some inexpensive tee-shirts. Now that I’ve started wearing my colors, I’ve received far more compliments from my husband and friends on my clothes. It has been fun to experiment with the more vibrant, livelier colors that I had been afraid of before the color analysis. Clothes shopping is easier and more productive now that I have the secret advantage of knowing I am a 'True Spring.'"
- F.S.

"When I arrived at work wearing my colors, one of my employees said, 'Who’s been dressing you?!'"
- H.H.

"Color analysis has made my life so much easier and has simplified shopping for both clothes and makeup. I take my color book with me everywhere. I can go straight to colors that look best on me. Now I feel that I have a game plan. Everyone needs a game plan! I have received more compliments these days by merely wearing colors that are in my palette. Using the knowledge I gained from my fabulous session with Mary Steele, I can make smart, fast decisions with regard to clothing, makeup, and hair color (yes, it even helped with my hair color!). It is so much fun and worth the investment!"
- H.S.

"For me, it’s about self-confidence, and saving money by not making mistakes. Also, everything in my closet now magically harmonizes with everything else. It’s as though I’ve doubled my number of clothes."
- K.J.