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I was AMAZED while seated in front of the mirror as Mary Steele draped me with the entire spectrum of color.  The draping process is where the magic happens -- and, yes, you have to go through moments that make you look like the underside of a dead fish in order to arrive at the swaths of color that make you look ALIVE! 

-E. G. Evans

For me, it’s about self-confidence, and saving money by not making mistakes. Also, everything in my closet now magically harmonizes with everything else. It’s as though I’ve doubled my number of clothes.

- K. Jones

 There have only been a few instances I can remember when someone has told me, “Hey, that color looks really good on you!”  I never really thought twice about it but then I had my color analyzed by Mary Steele. Wow! Thinking back, the colors that people had been complimenting me on were on the Bright Spring palette!

-T. Miller

When I arrived at work wearing my colors, one of my employees said, 'Who’s been dressing you?!

- H. Holmes

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