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It helps me pick out clothes that look really good on me.  And if I don't like the clothes my mom is picking out I can say it is not my color. 

- W. Wilbanks, age 9

Everyone needs a game plan! I have received more compliments these days by merely wearing colors that are in my palette. Using the knowledge I gained from my fabulous session with Mary Steele, I can make smart, fast decisions with regard to clothing, makeup, and hair color (yes, it even helped with my hair color!). It is so much fun and worth the investment!"

- H. Stephens

For me, it’s about self-confidence, and saving money by not making mistakes. Also, everything in my closet now magically harmonizes with everything else. It’s as though I’ve doubled my number of clothes.

- K. Jones

Over the years I have bought a lot of suits that I’d wear a couple of times and not wear them again. After getting my colors done, I buy what looks good the first time and enjoy wearing it. No more wearing something twice and getting rid of it. And when you look good you feel good.

- R. Wilbanks

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