Mrs. Lawler's Favorites

To choose my favorite season would be like choosing my favorite child; it just can’t be done! I can, though, mention a few that intrigue me: 

Light Spring.  When I was analyzed, I was grievously disappointed that I wasn’t a Light Spring. Surely I was a princess on the inside and those fairytale colors were my own?! LSP’s delicate colors drew me in like a magnet. But, alas, LSP was not my color fate. After about three days of pouting, I was able to embrace the suitability of my own Season for myself.

Soft Summer is a season that seems out of reach to mere mortals. Soft Summer clothing takes a while to accumulate because the colors aren’t mainstream, such as primary colors or black. However, when you do find SSU colors, the results are sophisticated, understated, and so desirable, like those ever-so-chic people who populate Architectural Digest spreads. Soft Autumn is also compelling as I don’t see many of this season. Soft Autumns remind me of girls from my college days who had a healthy vitality and were always pretty without the high-maintenance beauty queen look. Even when sweating from playing soccer, their lips had a berry glow and their hair looked sun-kissed and tousled, rather than glued to their foreheads like the rest of us. Soft Autumns are freshness incarnate. 

I first studied Personal Color Analysis in 2009, with Kathryn Kalisz, founder of the Sci/Art Twelve-Tone system of PCA. Kathryn had been a corporate master colorist for many years before applying her knowledge of the Munsell color system to human coloration. The Munsell system classifies colors by Hue, Value, and Chroma. These inalterable characteristics pin each color to a specific location on a color map. Adapting this map to human skin coloration isolated twelve groups of human skin tones which she called seasons. Kathryn’s scientific method added eight neutral seasons to the four season Color Me Beautiful approach popular in the 1980’s. Katheryn’s neutral seasons describe a wider range of skin color, making personal color analysis applicable to a broader range of people.

In 2011, I trained with Maria Killam, founder of the Killam Colour System. Maria is a paint color consultant and interior designer in British Columbia, Canada. Her understanding of color undertones in architectural paint and furnishings have made her an internationally acclaimed True Colour Expert.

In 2019, I reviewed my understanding of the Twelve Tone System of color analysis with Christine Scaman, who established 12blueprints Personal Colour Analysis and wrote, Return to Your Natural Colours. This amazing book answers color questions from A to Z and illustrates each Season in detail. Christine is an acclaimed color analyst and teacher. She produces YouTube videos and podcasts about PCA. She produces an essential line of seasonally accurate makeup that is available on her website.